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29-Oct-2019 05:57

So these days, I'm getting my football fix following the Arsenal from the comfort of my condo. The problem is, standard Thai TV doesn't show half the games, and when they do the picture quality can is terrible. Even my cable package doesn't show half the games, and usually only the big FA Cup matches.

The most annoying thing is when a huge game like Man United vs Arsenal is on and they show some random game like Wolves vs Brighton!

So, like you probably have, I've turned to the web for a solution on more than one occasion.

I've tried multiple sites and apps, but on the whole have been pretty disappointed with the large majority.

Sky Sports, Fox sports, be IN Sports, Setanta Sports, you name it, they've got it all! UEFA champions league, UEFA Europa league, all the international games – it's all here.

The service can be used for free but of course you get a limited amount of channels.

So to save you the hassle, here's the 4 best ways to watch English Premier League Football and Champions League from your sofa – starting with the worst and finishing on the best.

was my original online solution, but has gradually became my last chance option when all else fails.

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Just click on any button on the row of a particular stream and you will be taken to its page.

The site has multiple streams to choose from and you can usually find even the not so popular games.

You will need a super-fast internet connection or the games tend to freeze and buffer for ages.

For fans of the beautiful game, watching Champions League and English Premiership football in Thailand can be a nightmare.

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Of course, when the games are on at a reasonable hour you can hit a sports bar, but then there are times when you'd rather chill at home in peace and quiet and watch with the kids or your partner.

This is a bit of a hack and requires some co-operation from a friend with a service that allows him or her to watch football on their computer.

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