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Running Cores (ランニングコア, Ran'ningu Koa) are the consolidation of the Spin Gear and Blade Base.The Attack Ring and Weight Disk slide over it, with the Bit Protector locking everything together.Also, the sounds of metal colliding is one of this System's appeals.Although left rotation had only been available for Dragoon Beyblades until now, because Launchers can now launch from both the left and right side, left rotation is available for all Hard Metal System Beyblades.Unlike previous Beyblades, all Weight Disks in the Hard Metal System are circular.Customize Weight Disks (カスタマイズウエイトディスク, Kasutamaizu Ueito Disuku) are similar to other Weight Disks, except they have small ridges around their circumferences where interchangeable plastic ABS Parts can be placed.

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By adding metal to Attack Rings and reducing the overall size of Beyblades' bodies, rotational speed, attack power and defense power is dramatically improved.While HMS are not compatible with previous generations, in terms of competitive battling they were initially considered completely legal within the same playing field.

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