Accomodating the needs of eve dating john dempsey

07-Nov-2020 21:49

When they do not meet the specific needs of a child, they can be adapted or expanded to accommodate that child's individual needs.The purpose of an adaptation is to assist children in compensating for intellectual, physical or behavioral challenges.In schools, the examples I saw of so-called Universal Design consisted mainly in watering down the curriculum.They suggested never having essay exams, only multiple choice -- a known problem if you want to ever teach people to write and do anything in depth; never having students take notes, providing ready-made notes to hand out to them -- a known problem if you want to teach analytical skills and prepare students for college and the business world, not to mention keeping their attention on the class (why listen if the packet to memorize is in your hands? Unfortunately these articles were in the magazine of the International Dyslexia Association, around a year to two years ago, so this is being accepted by the powers in special ed, not just a few outsiders. 3, pages 48-56, 2000 CEC Using graphic organizers is just one technique... of Education) - we developed materials regarding helping students with disabilities learn using the same kind of content as all other children. Developing adaptations and accommodations for a child with special needs is a continuous process that involves each child's collaborative team.

On no evening was the building large enough to accommodate the audience.

A good example would be a ramp which can be used by people in wheelchairs, by parents with strollers, by kids with skateboards, etc.

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