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The one invariant is the Word itself, which will always exist as the absolute truth.Two things that do change over time are the body of knowledge about the world and man’s interpretation of some peripheral areas of the Bible.Augustine of Hippo, 5th Century AD (considered by some Protestants to be one of the theological fathers of the Reformation) Foreword 1. After all, it pleased God to allow the ancients to understand the creation in this fashion. Science does not seek to explain things that are outside of nature — that is, the supernatural. Science, by its very definition, is the study of the natural world and the rules that govern it. Foreword Within many evangelical Christian communities, faith and science are thought of as two opposing worldviews: God vs. I hope to show that these assertions are unfounded and destructive to our Christian walk and witness.There is no fully consistent “literal interpretation” of the first chapters of Genesis.I think the issue here is not just one of scientific understanding but also one of Biblical understanding, for reasons I will show below.

When followed to its conclusion, and especially when used as an apologetic tactic to unbelievers, creation science casts God as a deceiver.

Man’s knowledge of the world is never complete and man’s interpretation and understanding of the Word is never fully satisfactory.

Throughout, Kamloops was an important way station on the route of the Hudson's Bay Brigade Trail, which connected Fort Astoria with Fort Alexandria and the other forts in New Caledonia to the north (today's Omineca Country, roughly), and which continued in heavy use through the onset of the Cariboo Gold Rush as the main route to the new goldfields around what was to become Barkerville.… continue reading »

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