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This independent state persisted until the latter part of the eighth century when it was absorbed into the Frankish empire.In the tenth century, Slovenia fell under the control of the Holy Roman Empire and was reorganized as the duchy of Carantania by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I (912–973).The rest of the population was made up of Croats (2.7 percent), Serbs (2.4 percent), Bosnians (1.3 percent), Hungarians (0.43 percent), Montenegrins (0.22 percent), Macedonians (0.22 percent), Albanians (0.18 percent) and Italians (0.16 percent).Almost half of all Slovenes live in urban areas, mostly in Ljubljana and Maribor, the two largest cities, with the rest of the population distributed throughout rural areas. The official language of the republic, Slovene, is a Slavic language.

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Areas along the coast enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate while those in the mountains to the north have cold winters and rainy summers.Czech and Slovakian girls can speak several languages and look for a man for a serious relationship.