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23-Sep-2019 10:01

I think that's been the running thing with Marshall. Alyson Hannigan: They have given Jason some great stuff to do: the stuff with his father was really…Jason Segel: Hilarious. Ahead of the 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother, part the ninth and final season, the cast were interviewed by Sharon Osbourne on daytime TV show The Talk.When Sharon asked Alyson what it was like working with Jason, the actress welled up.Segel originally tried using a fine system where he'd pay Hannigan for every cigarette he smoked.When that racked up a large debt, he instead decided to go cold turkey, which worked. Apparently due to stress he relapsed, meaning gum must have been on hand through much of the show's run.

From babies and slap bets to Marshall and Lily's future drinking and finally meeting THE MOTHER, check out everything the hilarious duo had to say below... Jason Segel: Well, I'll tell you this: babies don't know they're acting at all, they just think that you're taking care of them, so they cry. How was it to finally get some interaction with the audience, your fans at the Comic Con panel, and being there with the show for the first time? We all met each other about nine years ago now, and to be near the end of a run of something that was so special for all of us, and to get to see firsthand some of the people that the show impacted, who cared about it in various capacities, was just really, really exciting. Jason Segel was a long-term smoker, making her numerous kisses with him a daunting prospect.