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Following the group's second broadcast, musical differences caused a split.

Amber Sound FM was born and ran alongside Valley Radio.

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It was awarded a five-year community licence by OFCOM in 2008 after several Restricted Service Licence broadcasts.

Amber Sound said it would "encourage local people, young and old, to become part of the station". Local radio first appeared in Amber Valley in 1994 when Glyn Williams began Valley Radio.

One set of trims can be accessed directly with the ‘ ’, the second set needs ‘ ’ and pushing ‘shift’ at the same time.

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MUST READ : Xlite : Xlite Xlite uses a ‘ ’ pad for trims.

We have introduced a solution that enable Aileron and Elevator of your actual radio mode to be always the default ‘ ’ usage.

Unfortunately, the firmware that Fr Sky included in their first batch of Xlite does NOT include this feature, so this is a fairly big usage difference between shipped firmware and actual Open Tx 2.2.2.

Ran by local DJ Chris Smelt and local businessman Alan Farrar, Amber Sound FM held two restricted service licences in October 1995 and August 1996.

Both stations felt that Amber Valley was underserved by other local stations in the area.RTS is offering a trade-in on any 5 and 6 frequency BTR systems that are part of the 700 MHz Ofcom compensation scheme.