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28-Apr-2020 20:55

you write a list of scripts, SQL or C# based, with a name that sets the order, e.g. You can call Db Up via a Console App or directly from Power Shell.It uses a special table in the database to see which scripts have already been run and runs any scripts that are new.Entity Framework can be useful for getting up and running quickly with a database application, but when it comes to deployment, EF's built-in data migration feature doesn't inspire confidence.

NET classes that represent the domain-specific objects.A second reason is that I had come across problems when applying migrations to a Production system – the update runs as part of the application start-up and there is only limited feedback of errors.All in all, I just didn’t feel comfortable with using EF’s own database migration feature, so I set out to find a better way.The users should see no interruption to their use of the site.

The live update requires that the database schema must be updated while the existing version of the software is still running.

the structure of how the data is stored in the relational database.