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Her diary, published as the anonymous blog Belle de Jour: Diary of a London Call Girl, became increasingly popular as speculation surrounded the identity of Belle de Jour.

Remaining anonymous, Magnanti went on to have her experiences published as The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl in 2005 and The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl in 2006.

The title of the film is a pun on the French term, "belle de nuit" ("lady of the night", i.e., a prostitute), but Séverine works during the day under the pseudonym "Belle de Jour".

Her nickname can also be interpreted as a reference to the French name of the daylily (Hemerocallis), meaning "beauty of [the] day", a flower that blooms only during the day.

) is a 1967 French drama film directed by Luis Buñuel, and starring Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, and Michel Piccoli.

Based on the 1928 novel Belle de jour by Joseph Kessel, the film is about a young woman who spends her midweek afternoons as a high-class prostitute, while her husband is at work.

Husson visits Pierre to tell him the truth about his wife's secret life; she does not try to stop him.

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It won the Golden Lion and the Pasinetti Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival in 1967.In the film, "Belle de Jour" is an expression translating literally as "daytime beauty", as Deneuve's character frequented the brothel during the daytime, when her husband was absent from home.The expression is a pun on the French phrase "belle de nuit", which translates as "lady of the night", i.e. There was speculation in the media for several years as to the real identity of the author, whether Belle really was a call girl.Séverine is also concerned about Husson, who has discovered her secret life at the brothel.

After one of Marcel's gangster associates follows Séverine to her home, Marcel visits her and threatens to reveal her secret to her husband.Séverine pleads with him to leave, which he does, referring to her husband as "the obstacle".