Black girl dating

02-Aug-2020 07:08

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And in that moment of weakness You will feel that maybe she is right That maybe this is a sign And you will not fight her.

)Or that you would rather spend two hours Friday night detangling Than smear creamy poison on your scalp.

Your white friends will be ecstatic for you, They will introduce you to other white people as “Rick’s girlfriend, Ajah” or“John’s partner who-I-told-you-about?

”They will introduce themselves as one of your oldest and/or very best friends(It will not matter if you met them yesterday, they will still claim a Deep and immediate bond with you Based solely on the fact that you had the good sense to date a white man). You will become far more conscious Of the fact that you are black When you are with your white friends.

They will speak in their white guy voice when they imitate him They will call him Biff, Chad, or Steve-OThey will goad him into participating in infantile testosterone driven challenges that end up with you in the emergency room at three in the morning on a Sunday biting your nails past the quick as you wait to find out whether or not your fiancé needs his stomach pumped—You will be making dinner the following evening when A Great Aunt who you haven’t spoken to in years will call you on the phone to ask you what you were thinking and to tell you that you are not thinking of the future.

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You are not thinking of your children, your black girls Whose father will know nothing about what they are going through Or Worse Your black boys Whose father cannot raise them to be strong black men.

”The first time he doesn’t text you back you will feel like his chocolate freak.

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