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23-Jun-2020 06:30

Lisa Taddeo draws on eight years of research to render three portraits of real women and their experiences of desire, coupling, and relationships.

reimagined history to cast light on the stories of enslaved people in Georgia. But I won't disagree with journalist Jennifer Block's assertion that health care could use an overhaul when it comes to serving women.

With Lucy Liu recently scoring a star on the Walk of Fame, armchair commentators have been reflecting on the scarcity of Asian actresses in the Hollywood firmament.

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If you guzzled all of Esther Perel's couples counselling podcast or wonder whether those sex diaries can possibly be real, here's your summer read.If there's anyone that makes readers of celebrity profiles say "Mom" à la Lorde, it's Taffy Brodesser-Akner, whose encounters with GOOP and Bradley Cooper tell you more about those people than they'd ever tell you themselves.Here comes her debut novel, about recently separated doctor Toby Fleishman, whose new family arrangements spark some Stephanie Danler: "I know these women; I am these women." Obviously, that won't ring true for everyone—we're not all liable to beeline for New York City after breaking up with a fiancé like protagonist Geraldine, but we've all been disappointed by our crappy lives and lusted after others' brighter-looking ones, haven't we?

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critic treats the '90s teen vampire show with the same thoughtfulness, curiosity, and excitement as she would an award-baiting prestige series, and her readers think about TV differently because of it.For a while there, whenever I asked one of my friends what author she was constantly screenshotting and posting to Instagram, the answer was Natalia Ginzburg.

James has been quite open among the cast and crew that his marriage was over and it seems he has struck up a friendship with Alex since then,” a source said.… continue reading »

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