Bosco wong and myolie wu dating Mistress chatbot

30-Oct-2019 07:31

It does not matter what they write; it is between two people and not a third party. I wish to state that it is not real, as I only filmed with her (Mainland actress) for two days.” Asked why he did not deny the news, he said that he did not feel the need to do so.Bosco Cried and Tried to Save Relationship Bosco declined to answer who asked for the breakup first.

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Nor was Elaine interested in finding out about Bosco’s current dating status.

Warning Flags Raised In her Best Actress acceptance speech at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, Myolie publicly acknowledged her love for Bosco.

Yet, in the same speech, Myolie hinted that her relationship with Bosco was far from perfect.

Bosco said he has been very unhappy and hid himself away.

He thanked his friends for flying to China to comfort him, in which he cried for several days.

Eileen Cha pressed further in her interview, “Why did you hide yourself away, were you thinking of methods?