Brody jenner dating anyone

16-May-2020 21:31

As if there weren’t enough incest jokes going down between this family… We’re guessing the views will spike a little for this episode, where Brody Jenner is seen reclining naked on Kim’s bed covering himself in just a banana leaf. They both thought the incident was awkward at first, but Brody later exclaimed her body gave him a “half-chub”.The fact Liam went this far from a legal perspective apparently proved to be a surprise for the former Disney Channel star, but even despite disappointment, she’s taken it in stride and has continued moving forward…both with Kaitlynn here, and more generally in life outside of romantic entanglements.

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Lots of social media jabs were exchanged among three of the four participants (Liam has remained relatively silent on the matter), but ultimately, Linda has nothing but love for Kaitlynn.

"Come to find out, I'm hearing people were talking about me and Brody and our personal life, saying that we have an open relationship," Kaitlynn said.