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30-Jul-2020 03:45

This oh-so-good looking couple met while shooting a video game commercial in 2012, and after dating for three years, Justin popped the question.

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Since then, the two have managed to have a second child, get married, purchase a home, and live happily ever after.R&B artist Teyana and her man NBA player Iman are extremely busy pursuing their professional lives, and yet always find time for each other.Fun Fact: Iman delivered the baby with his bare hands when his fiancee when into an early labor.The 26-year-old model landed the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated issue, and apparently Derek as well!

We’re not sure what is more impressive: the fact that Hannah got Derek, the bachelor, to settle down, or that Derek got Hannah to agree to marry him!

Formula 1 racer Lewis, and talented singer Nicole are currently on their fourth breakup over the course of seven years.