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16-Dec-2019 22:36

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It seems to be only on the client GUI that is having the troubles.

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As a test, I deleted the Gal and Gal idx on my local machine, completely exited the MOC, ran ABServer -syncnow on the front end servers, waited about 15 minutes, signed back in to MOC and then waited for the random sync to the server then verified the Gal does still indeed contain the proper job titles for the users, but MOC still does not show it.

However, if you open the contact properties of the user in the MOC, basically showing you their AD attributes, it is correct here. :( MOC Client version is: 3.5.6907.221 It appears to be less of a server issue and more of a client issue. Jdtuck one thing I would try to do is right-click the Communicator shortcut and try Run as Administrator, although that is just a quick guess.