Consummating dating

28-Jun-2020 21:10

Every time she noticed Dave checking out her cleavage, she smiled, pleased that she was distracting Dave from his stuck up fiancé. She also wanted to fuck Dave, as a way to get back at Kyla, for her condescending ways of late. Not only would she get a chance to be with Dave, but she would humiliate her Kyla, whether she knew about it or not.The plan allowed for the wedding to take place, as normal, but would go into action at the wedding reception.Just as expected, shortly after finishing her champagne, Kyla began to feel woozy, and approached Dave.She whispered into his ear, |I think it's time to head to the bridal suite," which excited Dave.Dave and Kyla made their way up the elevator, and towards the room.Ever the gentleman, Dave lifted up Kyla, and carried her into the hotel room; however by the time he got inside to the room, Kyla was completely out cold.

Kyla was above average height, slim, with long, curly dark hair, a tight body, dark exotic eyes, and small, perky breasts.Knowing Kyla was having a big wedding, and would be spending most of the reception, greeting guests, an enjoying being the center of attention, Tonya would be left unnoticed.