Dating a bad kisser

13-Jan-2020 10:10

For instance, the site says: "Everyone kisses differently.

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Maybe you’re worried that you’re unknowingly committing a kissing faux pas, or your smooches feel not-so-on-point? Kissing should be fun and exciting, so take a deep breath and just relax if your smooch sessions aren’t totally amazing. Maybe the next time you watch a rom-com, press pause during a make out scene and call out something you do or don’t like about the kiss you’re both watching.

Not to worry—we’ve compiled a list of the biggest mistakes you could be making during your kissing sesh. This can help you get into a conversation about kissing preferences that will prove to be super helpful the next time you pucker up.

But I just used a clitoral-stimulating device, and now I feel better.) So ... And should I perhaps pull a Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and avoid kissing entirely for a while?

Are you still nervous when it comes time to make out with your bae? It might feel awkward at first, but try to slip in some information about what you like when it comes to kissing, and ask the same of your partner.If you can’t imagine sucking face with a guy all the time, then why be with him? You can’t beat stress if the kisses are making you feel stressed, and that’s really no good. If you consider him a bad kisser because he stinks of cigarettes or has bad breath, why the heck would you want to try to make a relationship work with him?