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16-Nov-2019 06:51

Does he or she own a vehicle or always get rides from others—including you—and is this by choice?

Does he or she own or rent a home or stay with friends and family?

You'll also want to take notice if your new romantic companion leads a very lavish lifestyle, but is in a job that does not seemingly provide enough income to support that lifestyle, Beeston says."Credit is very important in that it will determine the price you pay for the largest purchases in your life," she says.Yet credit scores are at the top of the list of financial topics "not discussed" before two romantic partners agree to tie the knot. A separate study from Affirm, an online consumer loan services company, states that 53% of millennial respondents considered whether their partner was good at managing money before dating exclusively, more than any other generation.That's where a frank (and careful) conversation about money and credit can clear the air, and let each partner know where he or stands on potential household financial issues.People experience financial woes for a wide variety of reasons, and often it's simply a matter of putting the issue on the table, honestly and compassionately, and agreeing on a positive credit-strengthening plan going forward.

No doubt, there are plenty of legitimate pros and cons to flagging credit issues with a romantic partner.

The next time someone tells you you’re not going to find love being a financial nerd, you can just send them right to this post! Heck, there are entire divisions in big corporations dedicated to identifying operational, credit, and reputational risks in order to estimate the dollar amount associated with these risks. In 2013, I came across the world of financial independence.

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