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This is one of the reasons why some online dealers only take blurry or distant photos of their gear!The closest reproduction is the Eric Collins “true bluesbreaker” grill cloth .A new different type of module would need to be fitted. The date of manufacture will be on a label __________ Eric Clapton used SESSION transistor amps to record his 'August' album and subsequently toured using them See Lee Dickson's interview here __________ Looking for a 1980s Sessionette?Please check HERE __________ Replacement SESSION badge/logos are available for your cabinet refit Buy SESSION Badge: Price 4.75 __________ This is usually caused by the FX LOOP 'Return Jack' which diverts the preamp signal via your effects units when employed To quickly establish if this is the case, simply insert a guitar cable into the FX Send and FX Return.__________ __________ The early Mk I models have an ILP 'black block' power amp module (HY200 or HY248) and should be avoided.They can be identified by a black grille cloth with a white 'squared' check on it.

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Unfortunately there are several books out there containing mis-leading reference information & photos like this.The upshot of this is, that after a year or more of trying to turn him onto the Sessionette Retrotone, he took one of mine home.