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02-Jul-2020 18:09

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Swiss chemist Aime Argand made “Argand lamp”, an oil lamp that had cylindrical wick that made larger flame and a glass cylinder for a chimney that directed the draft over the flame, which made light brighter and also made lamp safer to carry.Oil lamp was widely used until kerosene lamp took over somewhere in the 18th century but are still used in religious ceremonies and as an ambient light. They were used indoors and outdoors when the night falls, for work in dark places like mines (which was dangerous because of explosive natural gases) and even as a major light source in lighthouses.The black-glazed Greek lamp at the left was found in Southern Italy, and dates to the 4th Century BC.Clay is easily moulded, and this fact was not lost upon the lamp makers.

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The wick, often of flax, was immersed in the oil and draped on the saucer's rim.They also had, and still have, their place in the rituals of many religions.