Dating fender bass serial number

05-Dec-2019 08:20

Once again, there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years.

The only way to try to narrow the date range of your specific instrument is to remove the neck and check the butt end of the neck heel for a production date, which may be stamped or written there (if you`re uncomfortable doing this yourself, please refer to an experienced professional guitar tech in your area).

While there have been periods of dramatic change—such as the transition periods between the Leo Fender years and the CBS years or the transition between the CBS years and the current ownership—most models are generally feature-specific and do not change from year to year.

Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an instrument`s production year.

There is a new issue every year that reflects current trends.

As seen in the overlap of numbers and years, even these references to actual production dates are rather loose.1982 saw the introduction of the U. Vintage Series instruments and "V"-prefix serial numbers. The numbers and decals were produced far in advance, and some N9 decals (denoting 1999), were inadvertantly affixed to some instruments in 1990. American Deluxe Series instruments use the same dating convention, but with the addition of a "D" in front of the "Z", i.e., DZ1, DZ2, etc.Vintage Series, check neck date for specific year E4 5 5 digits E8 5 5 digits V 4, 5 or 6 5 digits U.

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