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: Her comments surprised some of President Reagan’s most senior aides, as well as others in the White-Housc West Wing, where the Oval Office is ‘rituatedrartd drewsevcmi-bursts'of applause -for her defense of her in- volvement in thovprosidency, , As- the Reagan presidency winds down, the first lady has become a cen- ter of attention, largely as the result .,ofthc.discla3ure3‘'For-tho Record,! Former— White-House -spokesman • Sec NANCY on Page A2 ^ban o n go The Aasodated P ress ’ ' ' SAN FRANCI8CO - A fedeiiil appeals court agre^^Tluirsday to reconsider its laadmarl^ nuing .tfuit. earn isolates virus causing AIDS-like disease jrh£LAssociated£res3__: WASHINGTON - A'talifoi^ia re- search team has isolated from an Afri- can blood sa'mplc a strain of virus that can cause a fatal AIDS-like disease by infecting, but not killing, cells in the humonbody. Levy, leader of the Univer- team that made the discovery, said Thursday that the new isolated strain may bo an important new tool in the -Jovslopment^of— an— effeclive— drug- - against the AIDS virus. Central ; and northern Idaho will continue to fool tho moat from this storm system ^s It mdyes northeast. north where afternoon lomporotut Ts '' were mostly in the 60s. Tho pollen count in Twin Fulls ^ — Th iiradny waa Sfl parti clc»-pcr-cubic— motor of air. Tho ogrieultarnl outlook ahows ii 1 weak upper level low nresauro sys- - south . peralurcs were - unseasonably low degrees Thursday in southwest Texas em New England: ocr^mochofthc Mtioo. preliminary hearing, the use of such testimony is unfair to tho defendant, the Supreme Court said in a 4-1 decision. hpu.o^plspnlpo, rod, somo call included, toed lol, must bo able to COLDWELL BANKERS Milos from Twin. _ , A University of Alabama-Birming- ham team isolated still another new virus ..strain from the family that causes .’AIDS-|j Jia_disea5e in Africa. Shaw, leader of that team, said it appears to be less virulent than, virus strains identified earlier. s tudies of tho new virus - strains are reported in today’s issue of the journal Science. ■■trati Pi L’gjreq uest to refer t hetcasai rf per sonal pricey by a pplying to to an ll-member panel for a hear- ,sezu^ orientation, regordleits of ; ■ ■ ' • . 1988 Briefly *Pilot traiiiingimay tighten The Washington Post WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Adminis- tration is considering tightening training requirements for comimitcr airline pilots^ requiring them to .undergo thcsametrainingascommercialjetpilots. ' The changes would require commuter pilots to per- . Tho warmest tomporaturo in the state Thursdoy was 94 degrees at .. and the southeast cbmor of'Ncw M«- Detroit had a record me storms pr Muacd golf boll-sited lea while much of the nation had nf- for the data of .10 degrees, which wos hail sooth of High Point, N. Rentmn’fl role “mpsrpqwc Tftllposltlon on ' s El Tmembers. The rilling overiums_the nggra- • vntcd^batttry'convictior T" if 'Hic^rd 'Elisondo.' Hc was convicted in a Can- yon County case of beating his 74- year-old. PRICED encod In animal hoalin 423-4 2 78 leave message ■ managomonl. we're growing ond havo Specia I Notices Sian Jokime* W®"'®®®''®*®'®*'®®®®*®®* "*'i' Ij accopiing applications for '„8lui dealers ore In- D o? T.®^'.“'i Ly ® ®®" *®®» and i Mino -able to bslanco school groups. - Wilson Butte's 16,000-year-old arti- facts were first discovered during a 1959-60 excavation led by archaeolo-’ gist Ruth Gruhn. Some scien- tists, however, remain skeptical of Gruhn's findings. • -“There’s one- thing-on-which any first lady must be a stone wall: The first lady is first of all a wife." she said in a speech delivered to about 1,000. Circuit Court of Ap*- • pellato court bad ever rearii^ concldilon.'; • The ormed serri^’ right to bs M disdiarges. Sanun Afy: , The leat Ung edge of another sto rm ■ ■ western border ‘Thunday aftomoon. the voles, ho ently, r Vrias nddqd, "Perhaps it’s easi' AOchael puk^s pledging a better re- needs in November," said Dukakis er, we can get along in the same lan- ^lationship^ith Cogtral America and spokesman Leslie Dac^h._ , guage. Reagan bad U fend off White House aides and oth- also basic personal rights every pro- ‘"'^ted to discuss her role as ers while Reagan has ' nicuperated sident should not be denied." she said “''Stlady.andshechosetoteli 'herau- from a variety of medical procedures, “As a wife. Reagan bad from a variety of medical procedures, including the surj^ry he underwent ns much right to a normal recupern- '®-’^^jy PE-B^9P^‘^-Tcnnzo_she_is_fir8t In .i.looc — u ** and foremost a wife and that she in July I9M to remove u malignant tipn as any other husband. “The problem seems getting worse," Tribal Land Use Com- mission membcr Emalinc George sold. - Gruhn has returned to Wilson Butte with her husband, Allen Bryan, after n 28-year hiatus in hopes of si- lencing the doubting Thomases. « m '^^^^Cm'atfbn^wetyfronrtfa'nferlt^^qld-fae better to . spouses of participants in the World Gas Conference meeting i_n Washing- ten.._,. as White House chief of • staff.” ; Regan wrote that her interest in as- ' trologylcd her to take a direct hand in- tho preparation of the president’s schedule a'hd the timing' of,, 'among other things, the signing of the. S.- Soviet treaty eliminating medium- range nuclear weapons from the su- perpowers' arsenals. oh bomosezual coadud : has been upheld by the courth: Bat'' -the ^po&le-court, in-acaseihvid V'L- area, said tto Arinys'r^- . Tho storm produced warm tom- — — pefa Ui W-aad-strong-gusty^inds— thraughout Muthem,ldnho. j Morning fog opd cloudy skiorikopt , temperatures 20 degrees cooler in tli« ' . That helps.; ; Republican George Bush traveling to -Recent polls show the vice pro- Dukakis' discussion with Arias* _TIew-York state and north . I believe my husband has hardest rol6s The firs t lady 's press socrotniy,. tumor growing in his'.colon, ns well as "No first ladv need mako nnoloirips t akes care of him (tho president) d s -dunng-lhe-ietupere Uuii fpr Jookingpu't'husband’a.per-. - Mostly prunings, old furniture and full trash bags, the dumping has really begun to offend tribal leaders since piles of waste were re- — cently disctn'crcd-near old-burial grounds, -hunting and-fishing4iroas: and protected sites like the Cedars just west of the did Fort Hall townsite. • , BOISE-(AP) — The Idaho Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the use of testimony from a preliminary hoaring in a later criminal trial where the witness was not availoblc to testi- fy ■- - - Because of the rather informal and- prcliminary nature of a. wepbovice: \ Pfivaio room In llconsod Country SMo Living Conior' -j J! Hi- signiflcimt dolnys;-Fnir" w;i-iitiicr is forecast for the period Sat- urday Ihrougli Tuesday, The oxti'iidcii (iijtlook for Southern from 76 to W will be in the 40s. 'Classified ads, gill 73n-062fi Mon day thfeinph 1 Saturdays from 8 a.m. Infomiitinn on dis- play ads is available wcekday.s only. on the economy, on politics, on any And, if that infcorefers with afiairs of" _Lan T-Spcakc6 and ,\f;rhnni V ri finy. , inc prosecution w itnesses, th e major- granted judgmen Libr. Blackfoot Tlw Su^ine^urt-decidrt^^^ ^uj^ly television l£\wyers doctors sued by the parents of a 2Vii- -day tnovcr Uiro^o 1981 dwision and . l S*'ilno‘*eooks“”^^^^^ loow V^lw ' COMhfu^r TY^Ss Wo oiler on-o«Xn“^? - Elsowhero in tho nation Thursday, the highest*tdh)p2 for 3-monihi.. miitini;ini;*-r‘ Ifyou wishtapliiei* an iidvertisemcul. V-:ii’di,±Lr'-i.’rr wr J-momns.- a.m«m|Kv Sft4.»a per yc Brr St u d tnt »m l' a *r~ le, by mml only-. customarily demolish the prosecution ' year-old p H v Hio died of what was return to a 1899 standard barring the j„ rnngistrato’s court.” It also later diagnosed' as acute gangrenous use ofpreliminaiy hearing testimony would be considered a tactical error to appendicitis. ^ engage in extensive cross-examinn- Herndon ruled that testimony of a lmf Tlecfsloirwrlt«Frrb 3 r Chlcf Jus- iroi! k| ovor--peyrno X, - (atl &Call'73i^l.*° ■ Ca'if Mlko‘^davs“72fr94G2 or Cel' 9 am-5 pm^ Tho Timos-Nows Is looking Mokorow for on oppolnl* C_ol[i78;4020. He said the patient suf- fered from chronic diarrhea and weight loss and died lost fall from neurologic complications, all symp- tomsseen in AIDS patients. The guard at Laval Institute was seriously wounded, , but the hostages were later released in apparently good . Army helicopter crashes |‘ KRUMBACH, West Germany (AP) — A U. 1st Class John D'Amato of the 56th _ ogain^ employees solely on the of the test rc- — Field-Artille Ty -Brignde'ln Schwaebish^Gmiiend; 24'“ sulijrf miles eastof Stuttgnrt. Edward At Kennedy, D-Mass., chairman of the He said the victims’ names were withheld until fami- Senote Labor Committee, said the legislation ’Vill put notified. Flint, Mich., tied 0 record low cf twwn Raleigh and Fayotwvjlle. ' testimony because in his opinion, tho preliminary hearing. Position onminn nn nunrnnn ol Kp eppu S PPCk P'PPPP Pl-P'UPOWIP, PIJ»PT»PP-NP«»IP' Pl»)P 'ppon pnlll ppllpblo pppllcppl ijo.

ficicncy' syndrome among Hispanica, American Indians and blacks. J44.1 0 for fi-monih., jm 20 — Buhl-Gnstlef^ ' ' ' Sui u UV-.m K t’l 40 prr' iilontb: »ltf.-Ju for J-motilha." Filer-Rogcrsbn^Holhsu-r ; '' 32(r.'j37! i7Sitit'trtl Mn«fghn‘ovcflf Tne Krcvl:~B6isoil5ctor‘iould Ttoibe-~ Key witnesses in the trial were-the ticc Allan Shepard, the majority said denco'the prosecutor could use li Tler.