Dating preferences questionnaire

20-Aug-2020 10:12

This is especially useful in Rate questions with a long list of choices. 2a Rate ("ordering") This option makes it impossible to click more than one radio button per column; it is thus equivalent to an "ordering" question type.

In case the respondent forgets to check some radio buttons, upon moving to next page or submitting, the error message will be completed with highlighting of the "not yet answered" radio buttons. Settings: Nb of scale items = 3 (3 columns numbered 1...3) Type of rate scale = No duplicate choices Ex. 4=Very easy to use 3=Easy to use 2=Somewhat difficult to use 1=Difficult to use Formatting Your Course Laying out Your Course Number of Clicks to Access Needed Content Adding Content Ability to Add/Change Themes/Appearance Overall Navigation of Moodle Settings: Nb of scale items = 4 (4 named columns) Type of rate scale = Normal (N/A column not needed here) Ex. 4=Very easy to use 3=Easy to use 2=Somewhat difficult to use 1=Difficult to use formatting:: Formatting Your Course layout:: Laying out Your Course clicks:: Number of Clicks to Access Needed Content addcontent:: Adding Content appearance:: Ability to Add/Change Themes/Appearance navigation:: Overall Navigation of Moodle If the choice options text is fairly long, you may use shorter "labels" immediately followed by two colons (::). will be saved to the columns headings in the Download as text format operation, instead of the longer labels which will be displayed to the questionnaire respondent.

In the Manage Questions section of the Questions editing page, once a question has been created, you can use the green and red dots to switch its Required state, as a shortcut alternative of editing the question.

See Conditional branching Enter your question text in this box.

In the Question Name box, enter meaningful, short and different question names for all of the questions within one questionnaire.

Note that if a page contains questions with required response the respondent will not be allowed to navigate to the next page unless those required responses have been given.If your questionnaire uses the Conditional branching feature, then page breaks will be automatically inserted when you add "parent" or "child" questions.Page breaks which are needed to ensure a correct "Conditional branching" flow cannot be moved or deleted. Check boxes allow the user to select multiple answers from a list of options. for March 14th, 1945: 14/3/1945 Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted date.The HTML editor is available, which means that you can display not only formatted text but also images or other media in a questionnaire's questions text.

Select the type of question from the drop-down list and click on the Add selected question type button.Only those (radio buttons, dropdown list or yes/no) questions with a name will appear in the Parent question dropdown list when adding a new question, as shown on the following screenshots. If you select Yes, response to this question will be required, i.e.

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