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They usually feature the elimination of contestants until a winner is chosen.Sometimes they are considered to be "reality playoffs" since their format is similar to that of a playoff in sports.Doherty and Iswarienko developed the show as a way to document the stress on a couple while planning their wedding.Filmed in Malibu, California over a seven-week period, it was produced by Relativity REAL and Doherty's production company No Apologies Productions.After returning from a trip to Prague to discuss her future with Iswarienko, Doherty searches for vendors for the wedding.When her wedding dresses are delivered, she is disappointed and angry that they do not meet her expectations." Likening the show to a wedding video, she described as a documentary rather than a reality show and said she was an actor not a reality personality.

Shannen Says had low ratings, ranking below most other programs on its broadcast night.On the other hand, Kevin Mc Donough of South Coast criticized the show for attempting "to compensate for the lack of drama in Doherty's life with the manic production of a reality TV-sized wedding".