Definition of liquidating damages

13-Mar-2020 08:20

Nelly, who was driving the other car, suffered whiplash, and a strain to her shoulder.

The rear end of Nelly’s small car was crushed severely by Tim’s pickup truck.

A company that manufactures and distributes dietary supplements assures customers that their weight loss formula is a safe and effective way to lose weight, advertising the supplement as an “all natural,” and completely safe supplement.

Amanda, who believed the company’s claims, took the supplement for 30 days before becoming violently ill.

refers to a monetary award ordered by the court to be paid by a defendant to the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit.

While it is common for a plaintiff to be awarded money to pay for a wrong committed by the defendant, such as money to pay medical bills, or for property damage, punitive damages are awarded only for the purpose of punishing the defendant for his conduct.

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They are most commonly awarded in cases in which the compensatory damages seem to be an inadequate remedy, and because of the defendant’s egregious conduct.

The judge then awards Amanda punitive damages in the amount of 0,000, with the hope that a large hit to its bank account will convince the supplement company to change its ways, to be more serious about the safety of the supplements it manufactures.

Both punitive and compensatory damages are monetary amounts that may be awarded to a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit.

While compensatory and punitive damages are the most common types awarded, these types of broken down further into special categories.

Special damages are a form of compensatory damages, intended to compensate a person for monetary expenses incurred because of an injury caused by the defendant’s actions.

A judge will award punitive damages if he wishes to make an example of the defendant, or if he believes that compensatory damages are not enough to punish the defendant.