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Almost every country in the world has a form of organized crime such as the mafia but they usually vary in name and what they participate in.

For example the mafia we know of in the United States and in European countries is La Cosa Nostra, the Italian mob.

Birdman is not lil waynes father But instead Picked him up at the age of 11 and raped him, wayne admitted to this in the Carter 3 Documentary. Hence they are all related and are members of the Lil family.

LHH Atlanta producer/creator Mona Scott Young is said to be highly pissed off at Diamond for leaving as she did and while they have already secured her replacement, word on the curb is that Diamond may face some legal challenges after signing a contract to appear this season.

On the flip side, while Diamond’s departure screws up Young’s vision of a ‘hot mess’ storyline between Diamond, Lil Scrappy, Scrappy’s baby Mama and his biological Mama (aka Mama D), her replacement on the show was very happy to get the phone call. Michelle a 2nd chance for some much needed publicity but she almost seems conflicted in being supportive to Diamond but happy for her shot… Michelle (real name Kimberly Michelle Pate) is a 25 year old singer/songwriter who is billed as R.

It is about a teenager who portrays someone with organized crime ties. Soulja Boy is the ceo of his record label Stacks On Deck Records.

Soulja Boy has several artists signed to his record label, such as Bleu Davinci, Calico Jonez, and Diamond of Crime Mob.And her old flame reveals that the rumors had some truth to them.