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(2016-2017) Officers caught using fake Facebook accounts to spy on subordinates (or those who don't believe in genocide? — Public Affairs officials at 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Something That Begins With “E” Command are scrambling after a slew of IG complaints were made public yesterday accusing leadership of using fake names on Facebook to snoop around their subordinates’ accounts.

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While not going into details, Gilmore’s memo stated the carrier's AAG for snagging landing aircraft and her launch system, both made by San Diego-based General Atomics, are experiencing “different, but still inadequate levels of reliability.” The EMALS’ reliability is higher, but “nonetheless I have concerns,” Gilmore wrote, citing recent Navy data that the carrier can conduct only 400 launches between critical failures – “well below the requirement” of 4,166 take-offs. How big will Purim be in Israel in 2017 - Super Big - Thanks America! I guess this is what passes for humor in Israel these days.

VT exclusively reported the capture of an Israeli advisor with ISIS in Iraq in October 2015, while in April of that year, America’s Delta Force (a group founded by a VT advisory board member), barely rescued a retired American general from Syrian spetsnaz closing in on him near Deir Ezzor.

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