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Updates include Mc Afee Security DATs, engines, service packs, extra DATs, hot fixes, or patches, all of which can be deployed manually or automatically.

Express Global Updating reaches never-before-seen speeds of up to 50,000 systems in less than an hour by utilising Super Agents to distribute the load of communication and updating out to the global network.

"To simplify the integration and management of security solutions for our global customers, we are committed to partnering with innovative industry vendors across the globe," said Ed Barry, vice president of the Mc Afee Security Innovation Alliance.

"Through tight integration with Mc Afee e PO, Avecto is offering our mutual customers greater protection, reduced risk and increased compliance to address their desktop and server security needs." Privilege Guard e PO edition boasts three additional benefits that strengthen security across corporate desktops and servers: "Privilege Guard e PO edition is truly a best-of-breed technology solution for Avecto and Mc Afee customers who are increasingly demanding desktop and server protection, reduced operational costs and greater compliance," said Mark Austin, Avecto CEO.

Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator delivers a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks.

Policies covering each layer of malicious threat protection¿including updating frequency, personal firewall settings, vulnerability scans, file types to be scanned, even anti-spam and detailed content filtering¿can be set per machine or per group and are entirely customisable by the administrator.

The success of updates is easily verified in compliance reports.

Using an intelligent design of distributed repositories that puts none of the burden on the server, e PO spreads all updating throughout the network, keeping bandwidth usage low and performance high.

It will also check for critical Microsof security patches, and pinpoint a virus source and take remedial action.

System Compliance Profiler for Microsoft security patches The System Compliance Profiler allows administrators to easily verify enterprise-wide system compliance, including the presence of Microsoft security patches.

The standalone edition offers joint Avecto and Mc Afee customers a single management console and architecture, from which they can simplify implementations, seamlessly configure policies, and deploy the Privilege Guard client to the endpoints, all within minutes.

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