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05-May-2020 03:51

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No, no - there is a certain amount of chemistry that Erin and Dr Tom have and I can’t see that changing but the type of relationship they have is one of mutual respect - and tough love.

It’s just one of mutual respect but Erica does have other loves in her life.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an hour-long drama produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and airing on Canadian television since early January.

Here in the States, I’ve been watching it on Soap Net, where it has quickly absorbed the Thursday night anticipation I usually reserve for Grey’s Anatomy (a show that has steadily slipped in my must-see lineup the last couple years).

He’s been a janitor, bondage-style bouncer, dog-walker, and all-around lurker, in addition to his usual place behind a huge desk in a huge, dim, musty office where Erica sits opposite him during their sessions, entering and exiting abruptly due to her time-traveling (which he instigates).

Although I haven’t even gotten into exactly what I like about the show yet, this is perhaps the one aspect I don’t like about it. Tom has his enjoyable moments, overall the positioning of an older male as Erica’s spiritual/psychiatric mentor creates a creepy paternalistic vibe that brings to mind the unhappy history of women being subjected to male psychiatrists who supposedly understand them better than they understand themselves.

One thing about the show is that the regrets, no matter how trivial they might seem to be, they’re important to us all.

Certain episodes deal with her heavier regrets, certain episodes deal with her lighter regrets.

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lolhave to add this...wrote a guy that liked me a 4 page letter in middle school telling him how I would never date him - I wish I ould have changed the tone of the letter, not the message...See Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying, or the character of Betty Draper in the first season of the TV series Mad Men. Tom somehow end up together at the end of all this, that would probably ruin the entire show for me.I don’t think that’s going to happen, but still, yuck. One of the blurbs Soap Net likes to flash around compares it to Sex and the City. And that (often troubled) family takes center stage just as often, if not more so, than any of her romantic interests.The biggest regret that she has is of the death of her brother Leo - in the Season 1 finale she goes to explore that and it’s a really powerful episode.

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Some of the regrets are light, some aren’t but all of them are relevant to her learning to pave a brighter future.Actually in one of the episodes, one of the regrets she has isn’t a regret - she goes back and realises she had to go through it.

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