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29-Jul-2020 13:54

Furthermore, many men can find it socially embarrassing to be seen as doing the woman’s work.For example, a boy that has no sisters may find it shameful that he is required to help his mother in the kitchen.In some cases, entire communities can be dependent (directly or indirectly) on the provisions of an immigrant living overseas..It is customary for the wife to move in with her husband’s family at marriage.However, Ethiopian women are often judged by their domestic ability.For example, a ‘proper’ lady should know how to cut a chicken into 12 precise pieces.Marriage remains one of the most important events in one’s lifetime, representing the merging of two families when the woman moves into her husband’s home.

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This is most noticeable when observing men and women’s roles when hosting or cooking.

Therefore, a child is expected to never talk back at their parents.

If a child is disobedient, corporal punishment is a common form of discipline in Ethiopia.

Most individuals’ decisions continue to be influenced by their parents in adulthood, especially for women. Elder family members expect to be cared for by their children and grandchildren into their old age. Men hold the most authority, whilst women are generally considered to be subordinate to their husbands and fathers.

For example, in the absence of a father, the eldest son will usually adopt the role of the head of the household and hold more decision-making power than his mother.

Men are generally not meant to set foot in the kitchen or contribute to domestic chores.

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