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She now considers in-game characters she lost "suffered damages" and is suing for multimillion-dollar compensation.Final Fantasy XI was released in October 2003 in North America, reaching 500,000 users worldwide by January 2004 through its Play Online service.You may want to just disable UAC (or adjust UAC settings so that it doesn't cause the desktop to dim for a UAC prompt) instead and solve both problems at once. If you're running Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, an additional step is also required.Right-click the START button on your task bar and select Programs and Features.According to the same document, Leong began playing Final Fantasy XI in 2005 and was a subscriber until August 2007, when she took a break from the game.

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Jump to entities in your memory by double clicking. I no longer play FFXI and while I try to keep everything working if it costs too much the project may be shut down.

5 million Square Enix class action suit detailed Amended complaint reveals FFXI gamer is suing Japanese publisher for millions in "suffered damages" after her characters were deleted during two-year hiatus from MMORPG.