First impressions and dating

21-Jul-2020 02:36

Whether you are talking to her, or just getting her attention, hold your gaze for at least 70% of the time.

This will intensify the eye contact without going overboard, and recreate feelings of love inside her.

Yes, eye contact shows that you are interested in a woman, but it does something more.

It revs up the ‘love at first sight’ engine and creates a powerful attraction! People who are in love gaze into each other’s eyes. It creates an intense feeling of love and connection.

The longer you wait to approach her, the less she will react on instinct and the more she will over think the whole thing.

For instance, if you are at a bar, and you make eye contact with a woman, her interest will be aroused.

Go beyond just making a good first impression, and create feelings of attraction that mimic the love at first sight feeling.

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You need to create that ‘love at first sight’ feeling during your first impression.

When you first meet a woman, you tend to really pay attention to everything she says and does, and you take note of little details that help you form an opinion about her.