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I LONDON REEVES AND TURNER WELLINOTOK STREET, STRAND 1895 Quhil he had slielie slidden fra his sell ; Syne to the court than can he mak repair, 245 And fallow himsyne to ane Lordis air.

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e mirihfu U maistrace Ermy deidis in auld dayis done afoir Croniculis gestis storeis and mich moir Manestralis amang mvsicianis merely 15 To half hartis in hevinly armony So semis it weill J^at suthly so war ay Quhat is pe warld w*out plesance or play Bot passionale Than lat ws mak sum sport And recreatioun the cumpany to confort 20 Wold my lordis do sd quho wold begin it Quho fall surthschaw or quho sail first fall in it Quho sail w* discreit correctioun of 50W Bot I quho hath begune this mal' now For begynnyng w*out end quhat availis 25 Bot lyk a tr^ flureist quhair the fruct falls To quhich all men of quhat estait he be W* recent mynd suld evir half his E No^ to begin fiureist and syne decress The langir lyfe the gud los( than to cess so Quhat sal be said bot at his ending h^ Frome on faire ymp fell down a widdeiit tre Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 1 84 THE TALE OF The lyfe is gone the loss lesting is lost The bcgynning thay say ues bot a wost Quhairfoir ge men most honorable at all 35 Quhich eternall wald haif memoriall Gyd 30W so fat first gour God plesit be And obtene name and wirchep quhen ^e d^ And quho will no^ eflir his gudly pow6re Considering his estait go profess him a m Here 40 Or sustene lak so may he lyknit be A fair fiureiss fadit in a falty tr^ All be my self is this symylitude Suld I begin to sport and no* conclude Than wold ^e all belyve say lo him ^ondir « That set to bourd and left it in a blondir Quhairfoir I will say of my fantesy Sum solasing to glaid this cumpany Bot for Godis luve and his appostill Petir Pardoun the fulich face of this mad metir so San J)e sentence to feill is fantastike Lat the lettir and langage be such like Sen all the world changis so mony facis I trest I will Cast caiss^ vpoun caissis And so lat s^ quhat cais ^e think most nyce 65 Wisdome vmq^® holdis Je nycest \iys So ))at it be sport in discretioun W*out odius crewale comparisoun Perticular malice and all such thing removit The wyss nycest the wisesst quhile is provit •© For quhich knawing myne vnsufficience To be comprysit perticiane w* prudence I propone no* as wiss presumpteouss Bot rafir sport myne awin spereit to reioss And my lordis to heir pat will deden 6& Now I begin w* litill est Amea €]eplicit prol^emfum et )at fand it did by W* the samyn penny A littell pig for his prow Off Kolkelbeis sow A harlot wynnit neir by ^ ^ \ And scho wald mak at mangery J^*^^ And had no substance at all ' Bot this pur pig stall To fumiss a gret feist J W* outtin stufcy bot this beist so And git scho callit to hir cheir j On apostita freir A peruerst pardonier | And practand palmair A Mrich and a wobstare 56 A milygant and a mychare 1 A fond fule a fariar 1 A cairtar a cariar 1 A libbar and a lyar I And riddill revar m A tuttivillus a tutlar at was sone brint With nislad Loury And his gossep Gloury 215 Fergy in frunt p«isf ffl WTFynny followit him fast Thungiifthrang till a club So ferss he flaw in a dub Quhill Downy him abak drewgh mo Than Rany of J)e Reidhewch W* Gregja^the bowman For Ilrfe of his leman Licht lap at a lyn He felgeit and he fell in 2*6 Hnd Hoge was sa haisty That he sualterit him by Quhil Thobv carlo' him tuk To land*IS^a scheip cruk Schipirdis schowit to schore 230 And Fergy Flitsy geid befoir Chiftaf Tr75f t Ea T chef chak A ter stowp on his bak W* his lad Luddroun ^ - -.«6o And, Sir, this is the cans, as I declair, Quhy burges baimis thrives not to the thrid air.Weil, quod the King, thow servis thy rewaird ; For wyselie hes thow this questioun declaird.And his hound Hunddroun 235 Mony schiphird with him is Fro brokis brois and brymmis L 232, the word '* jeid" is interlined in the original Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 192 THE TALE OF Off two ram crukit hornis Thair baner on a birk born is With jgaanxljecd thair banerman 240 And his cousing Cachcran Thair menstrall Diky J^fl^j Fur befoir w* 2^floyt Than dansit Doby Drymouth The sone shene in the Sowth 246 And as they lukit on a lee Thay saw an uj)ir meng^ Than all thay fled full afferd And the maister schipherd Fergy Flitsy befoir 250 Tho* was liiil on his store Hb feit maid dynnyng He lakkit breth for rynning How ^ T^fl Vhy herk me We neid no* to fordir fl^ 2S5 ^one folk our awin frendis ar I knaw be thair banar Than wer thay nevir half so fane And glaidly tumit all again e And knew be than- array aw That all nolt hirdis wer thay That ischit out to the cry And thair banar borne by Of Cm yih^m^ the cowis taill Festnitt on a lang flaill 2a& Besyd thair capitane I trow Callit wes Colyne Q^^]fnw And D^j Qu Poyle of the dale Was mafflnensti all He blew on a pype h€ 27a Maid of a borit boutr^ Waytstath him by Dansit and Dandv Digitized by Lj OOQ IC COLKELBIE SO IV «93 The thrid fallowschip he saw That thay wundir weill knaw 275 The swynehirdis in a rowt And Sweirbu m with his snowt Wes ca^tane of thame thair And borne wes his banair Vpoun a schule for to schaw 28o A flekkit sowis skyn faw W* terletheris tyit hy Quho bur it bot l} 9|gtf- And riary*^ thff long clype Playit on a bag pype 286 Ha ggysheid and Hell v l^ailybra srand Belly i JStpsit and his sone Samy n Than all assemblit w* a gamyn And all the menstralis attonis 290 Blew up and playit for the nonis Schiphird nolt hirdis And swynhirdis outgirdis For to dance merily — «— — — A maistir swynhird S3^pky 296 And his €0using Copyn Cull Fowl I of belltsfuljuir *** Led the dance and began Play us yoly lemmane Sum trottit Tras and Trenass soo Sum ba^erit The Bass ^is^oe.

Sum Perdony sum Trolly lolly Sum Cok craw thou quhill day Twy shank and Terway Sum Lincolne sum Lindsay 8O6 Sum yoly lemman dawis it no* day Sum Be gon wodsyd singis Sum Late laite on evinnyngis VOL. N Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 194 THE TALE OF Sum Joly Mariene w* a mok Sum Lulalow lute cok ao Sum bekkjt sum bingit Sum crakkit sum crmgit, Sum movit most makrevell Sum Symon sonis of Quhynfell Sum Maisr Pier de Connate sis And vfir sum in consate At leser drest to dance Sum Ourfute sum Orliance Sum Rusty bully with a bek And Every note in vl^eris nek s20 Sum vsit the dansis to deme Of Cipres and Boheme Sum The faites full ^arne Off Portingall and Naverne Sum countirfutit the g^ii ^f Spane 325 Sum Italy sum Alntane Sum noisit Napillis anone And v|)ir sum of Arragone Sum The Cane of Tartary Sum The Soldane of Surry sso All his dansis defynd Sum Pretir Johnie of grit Ynd Sum As the Ethiopis vsit Sum futit and sum refusit Sum had dansis mony ma 335 W* all the dansis of Asia Sum of Affrickis age And principale of Cartage Thair pressit in Pery Pull Full of bellis fulfull mo Maist^ M^ngeis The mangels J Maist' T vngeis La tangeis ^"^^ ' M^ Totis La toutis And Trusty rottis the roiitis Vj OOQ IC COL KE LB IE SOW 195 Maist' Nykk is La nakkis S46 And S'^ Jakkis Lajakk\is] The Ha r y Hmrl ere hu\ty And Caioy Ihe curs t custv Mony Takdis mony lownis ^ K now/ knots kym ^s c ulrown is 860 Curr Ts kenseis and knavis Int Erang and dan sit in thravis W* thame Towis the mowis And Hary «/* the reid howis Than all arrayit in a ring va Dansit My deir derling /, And all assentit in a sog -C -^^, To the vse of Ewrop \} That for so much thay beleuit That expert and weill preuit aw Thay war in the Est warld As is heir breuly o urharld Thay concludtne vse plane Of Ylandis in Occiane And of the fermeland of France aw And how the Emprio'^ dois dance Suesis in Suauia syne And als the Reuir of Ryne Off Bretane the brod lie Off Yrland and Argvle 370 Burgone and Breband Hanyngo and Holland Flanderi Sy Freisland^ and eik ' Brandebur* and Broinsweik Dittmer and Baywer m Pruce Poill and Pomer Lubwick land and Lunaburgh Malestrand and Makilbur 1 I 349. Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 196 THE TALE OF The steidis sevin and seviniy And all bound( thameby The Retail^ and Rusland Sclauia and Gotland Denmark and Norroway All thair dansis and play Thay movit in thair mad muting And all thay falit in futing For m'rit wes thair menstralis Thair instrumentis in tonis felis And all thair plat pure pansis | Coud no* the fete ofony*3ansis \ Bot such thing as affeiris To hirdis and their maneris For thay hard speik of men gud And small thairof vndirstud Bot hurlit furth vpoun heid A c opyne cull coud thame lede And so thziy wend thay weill dansit And did bot praclit, and pransit And quhen thay Tiad all done It was a t ratlyng out of tune Than thay began for to chyd Quhill Quhorlorehusty cryd Oe ceiss this brangling and l yte '^'" Remembir quhy ^e come here That ilk knave and ilk cust Comprysit Horlore hust For a witt6 man commendit And thus thair dansing thay endit And so concluding thay past To thair maisteris als fast The silly pig to reskew All the samyn are thay met trew 1 Perhaps ^«/^/.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

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