Friend dating non christian

30-Nov-2019 01:33

Specifically, it seems that some of you are wondering if it’s okay to date non-Christians. God’s Word urges us not to link our lives with non-believers, and the consequences of choosing to do otherwise can be disastrous.But I know that you might not be willing to simply take my word on this one.I understand the temptation to believe that dating non-Christians is okay.

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Congratulations on getting free of your abuser, and finding someone new and amazing! In the worst-case scenario, it ends badly (like teenage relationships often do), and while it won't have any real, meaningful impact on your life, outing yourself for could have long-lasting negative effects. I can tell you first-hand: living on the street as a teenager because your parents jump the shark isn't any fun.Looking back, I thank the Lord for protecting my purity and the purity of the girls in those relationships. My senior year of high school, a junior girl caught my eye.