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28-Sep-2019 07:27

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This covers general use of our chat software, from joining additional rooms, to private messaging other users, to using our media features, as well options that allow you to alter your chat experience, from private message settings, media features such as notification sounds and webcam and microphone options, and visual features such as appearance settings and themes.

Account and forum features, such as adding friends, interacting with other users' profiles or accessing and altering your own are also covered.

These are not to be confused with senior dating sites which are geared towards people looking for a relationship.

Joining a senior chat room does not mean you are looking for a date or a romantic relationship.

This is especially true if you no longer drive or live in an area where there aren’t many activities for seniors.

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While you can certainly go out and join groups that involve activities you enjoy or volunteer in order to make new friends, sometimes it’s difficult to meet new people.There are those who use chat rooms to prey on seniors. If you stay smart and aware while online, chat rooms can be a wonderful way to meet new people who share the same interests as you.