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28-Mar-2020 08:18

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If you feel so strongly that you MUST disclose your feelings, then speak to a friend or a counselor, but not to your husband and certainly not to your kids.

If you want to be helpful, think of a way to make some extra money and offer to do it sincerely because you want to and not because you feel your husband isn’t capable of supporting his family. How much do you need to disclose about yourself, and your past? If you’re on your first few dates, you really shouldn’t have to disclose anything too personal unless, of course, you want to.

Obviously, by following the latter opinion you probably will make her feel bad, but you won’t be lying.

The first sage’s opinion ended up winning the Talmudic debate.

If it’s because she heard a rumor or has suspicions, then I think you might want to bring it into the open and come clean.

When you’re in a relationship the rules of full disclosure aren’t as clear. Another sage demanded that you be totally honest and simply praise something else about her that you honestly believe.

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