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She is loved by everyone for her work and adorable looks.Also, she is so young to be a part of rumors and controversies.True, much of the movie is pretty predictable, with Dee as a working class maid pretending to live in a young businessman's (Bobby Darin) apartment, while he goes along with it; I actually didn't spend much of the movie laughing.But the movie definitely has its moments, namely the telephone booth and the party (some people might even include the shot of Sandra Dee in the bathtub..meow).Obviously, given that during the '60s, we started seeing movies like "Dr.Strangelove" and "The Graduate", this one might seem worthless at best.Heather is the lead singer for a band that is on its way to fame and fortune. A young heiress is summoned to the bedside of her dying grandfather.Things get complicated when she becomes pregnant and has three men willing to be both husband and father. The man's last wish is to meet her fiance, but problems arise when the ... Call's heart condition acts up, Tammy tags along in the trip to Los Angeles when the old lady is getting her surgery. See full summary » Tammy leaves the river in Mississippi to attend college, developing a relationship with Tom Freeman (John Gavin).

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Tom plays along with the charade despite not knowing who Joan really is, while she tries to tidy up Tom's place not knowing who he really is.Ricky Bobby is the main character from the movie Talladega Nights starring Will Ferrell.The memes on this page have images of Ricky Bobby and some of the other characters from various scenes and captioned with some of the most popular quotes from the movie.One of the parties poses as an alias and, at some point, the plot calls for the male to pass himself off as gay in order to lower her resistance to his seductive moves.

The bachelor typically has a wealthy, neurotic sidekick, while the career woman turns to a cynical, outspoken best female friend.

I bet that somewhere beyond that great sea in the sky, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin can take comfort knowing that we still remember them, even if it is for something as silly as this.