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the 520 high mileage and all that kind of stuff in that ow-20 synthetic blend all that all those other oils are delivered by delivery truck in the Hat there in these boxes D3 grand in one day video on a rear differential anywhere from bn14 99 to all the way up to leg the oil changer like a conventional changes 4199 plus tax page and synthetic blend is £67.99 plus tax while the full synthetic is 18 I got those Annandale for 360 and then cleaner that will turn the gas tank 1499 just helps lubricate the water pump don't screw with it I was just about to say we can provide we do provide like discount like we can do after a radiator we can do on like off the transmission we can do after AC service we do like I think we do like 25 off the differentials and I'm throwing belts we do 25 off for fuel filters review 18 off why you should I was trying to figure out how you can charge 1094 serpentine belt on the belt cost about yes get it for wholesale so you pick up the belt for 1895 and it takes you about 5 minutes to put it on your line it up and then you just bend down the tensioner flip it on and Carter's done in 2 minutes and they charge 1094 that blows me away 107 actually ASAP I'm not saying it's over priced but I'll see your place really knows how to make money Sam serpentine belt you have two are actually take to hold test about the whole damn car park just to get to it it's in a difficult place IKEA what's it called car work on Mercury Mariner 2008 I think 2009 now which car doesn't have a drive belt down Prius taxi trim we are me and my me and my coworkers we were working we were working on a Toyota Prius just a few weeks ago and my boss says there is no drive belt damn this is my assistant manager who said that and so it was a Tuesday that it was only me him and other workers working in my general manager was off so what happened is he and told the customer how you don't have a drive belt you know you drive me and he was like oh well I haven't noticed or loss of power steering rack of a seer anything so my boss called gatorland Toyota and told them said hey you know you got we got a Prius here doesn't have a drive belt you know what's going on with that and they said they're only drugs then I need Drive Val and we were like what right now we're talking about the Toyota Prius and how it doesn't have a driver it doesn't my driveway landscape the best car doesn't drive down because the drive belt which is serpentine belt whenever you want to call it controls power steering a CD alternator and all that cutting machine I think they give me the down there is because I'm talking about a Prius Jordan umbrella figure out giving the down arrows by prohibiting talking to see which one keys up Natalie loomis I don't know who it is what does I just find it interesting that I mean I don't like the process I think they're shity cars but I just find it interesting that the Toyota Prius doesn't have a drive down then I just find interesting where are the reasons I have a dry powder that has internal gearing correcaminos wanted to get one but here's the thing though about week that we sold out pensioner and it does her bullies on the side it had the police and the pensioner but it didn't have a drive.

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All that extent like you do and we keep them running fine there's a few that worked on the way they throw together with show me on the back your mind you thinking a lot like I used to and I was younger you got to put this exactly there you gotta put the screw in there and if it's not that screw by The Dealership you can't put that in there until I twisted my mind and understood you can do this and that in certain circumstances in one's you understand the concept a lot of the stuff is just recommendations I don't care if it's 0 20 year or you just put in multi velocity weight oil you're fine differences they used to have 30 weight oil only but when they got better at mechanics the tolerances got closer so that they could compress the bushing and the bearings closer together and that's why they needed a thinner oil when it's cold otherwise well the vehicle's called the oils that can a flow to those parts until it gets hot so that's why they started going out with multi velocity oils cold outside of use of it's fine if it's summertime is great no matter what kind of car ok well besides all that three interesting stories just parked on the news so number one a California assemblywomen she's a she's a popular politician being accused of sexual assault number one number to send airtime I have seen francisco's not ready for another earthquake in the lead to another disaster and numbers 3 they found a hidden camera in a Starbucks bathroom phone number for I want to report this if this was like news in the past week but is giving away free coffee the black people preparations ok I just wear black shirt and say that I'm part black I'm going to do that because I like their coffee but I can't afford it if you want anytime the lady that's been accused sexual yeah she's ugly that's about the story man assemblywomen and whatever who is going to mess with her we'll see what was number to the earthquake the farts always been there they have a stadium that split in half with a fault goes through silly it made some cement that moves automatically if it goes through see what else did you say number three Worlds three ways there is a hidden camera in a Starbucks bathroom somebody has to work I don't know what a guy gets off girls sit on the toilet Burnham any normal you know I am feeling I mean I have a feeling I know where the toilet they probably put it in the so they can look up I like people's assholes and stuff oh my god that's disgusting watching a drop kick me and I'm looking at the weather right now hello remind ok guess what it is in Alaska right now picture in Utah graphic Oscar is 0° Fahrenheit in Kosovo kids 28° and Fairbanks at 32 Cordova Alaska 37in 40 degrees in cardiac 40 you need to bring the news to us that sounds good yeah and then Beth Bethel Chapel Ascot 33 in June or June or whatever it's called the capital of Alaska 37 degrees Jesus Christ I would not want to live any alaska's beautiful and all but I would not want to live in Alaska I like the heat I like the warmth I like Florida I think it's the end of times he's a National Guard and he's posted in Anchorage Alaska he said he loves it and there is no snow there right now I guess and crew just kinda like a Valley that's in the middle of Alaska that stays warm or something to that effect 40 f****** degrees and Anchorage right now I would not put up with her mouth it's crazy how now call Ally flora work literally like did 80 degrees all the time I like that better we have a young lady named Ellie on her channel and she's in Siberia and that's when it's Kabir 60 below zero not above zero but below zero where you throw a glass of water out there in it freezes before it hits the ground I am gonna give you the weather right now 82 tempo 84 Orlando marry a girl is the war Daniella Gallagher it's warm Mac it's warm on the article is from your news wire is where you can find it I read the article pretty disturbing I'm really curious if anyone seen it you speak for a few minutes and you tell us a little bit about it and what you know about it cos I barely took a glimpse at it but I didn't understand it once you go ahead and give us give us the gist of the story what are we I forget I don't know what type of were talking about what are we talking about Channel Jessie just posted off thing to do with any really understand it with Hillary Clinton in her demon whatever philistine anonymous are you there random while we're waiting for Jesse and Artemis I'm so sorry I work 3rd shift at work so I turn the volume down ok just popping in feeders some information on this story when you get a chance right now I'm looking for a man's who can verify that they've seen it with her Aunty lies I do not go into the dark Web and I'm just wondering if anybody has seen it personally and I'll start from there but I mean to me it sounds believable from what I've read an article eventually they raped a prepubescent girl and it was the I'm trying to do an extract adrenochrome from Hermits I don't know if you got it so much you know about that and the elites and all that but do basically terrorised and in the end for lead her face like took it off and put it on their own faces and was wearing it I don't even know why you're looking anywhere you seem Hillary rape some girl or something that's all a bunch of crap no Carter did you ever read any of that crap about that pizzagate to do with the elites messing with kids I was all a bunch of garbage what is pizzagate 1/2 year ago that they said that there was a pizza place or something where these elite people like Hillary Clinton went and had some kind of sexual experiences with kids made up stories and crap I remembered around election time crap oh yeah yeah baby they will go to Chuck E cheeses appointment with dressing up in the Chuck E cheese mouse finger come on here come on you want to get some pizza or something the winning prize well I don't know that took place but it sounds like a bunch of made up stories really leaving anything in the dark Web in a reliable sources companies that get sued if they lie kid's make-up a lot of crap and sorted people oh my god Mac general tire I Got a Feeling TTS is that still a thing hey I'm Mr Mac I'm living in San Diego let's go get a drink it's not too late for you drink at Chuck E cheese's where kid can be a kid you not actually they actually have an adult menu at Chuck E cheese's actually I think that yeah I think it's Touran I think they just added that like a year to go to the menu and like now like when the parents take their kids to Chuck E cheeses or the kids go and play headlight bulbs stuff in there my arcade games and stuff mum and dad certificate and they can have I got a margarita or or a bloody Mary or you know I drink a lot while in a pizza do we still have Chucky cheese yes are they allowed to serve alcohol no never seen a Chuck E cheese serve alcohol when did you hear about this this is like a year or two ago where are the email that they added an adult menu to Chuck E cheeses that are commercial about in everything and I added up menu for the parents be so that like it when the kids are at play mum and dad's and sit at the table and have a drink no I've never heard of this before yeah.Sex chat rooms are always packed with girls and boys looking for sexy chats. 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