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Evan had kept back for a few to speak with Dawn, who assured him she was already in the thick of things for matchmaking Graham and Cadman. He was standing off to the side, watching as a group of marines, a small knot of scientists, including Mc Kay and Chuck, and Tyler ran back and forth on the North Pier.

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Evan, I can’t make the session, Vi suddenly broke in. Between their different work schedules and the varied emergencies he kept getting called for, he hadn’t spent an entire meal hour with her in nearly a week. Young man, really, he thought, eyeing the height he’d gained.Author: Jaded Story: Tales from Atlantis 46 Ficlet: Get’cha Head in the Game Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Ficlet Summary: Evan has a normal day…more or less. Since they’d been at this for close to three hours, Evan didn’t blame him. “It’s better just to try and get everyone in groups they can tolerate.”“Which means we can’t put the marines with anyone but marines, army doesn’t like the Air Force and vice versa, SEALS refuse to work with civilians…” Evan trailed off at Jinto’s irritated expression. The latter two had wandered in and gotten to work helping, specifically with Jinto on understanding the ins and outs.Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to Sulien, Northern Oil, Walegrin, Rev Dorothy L, LNR, Duchess, eriktheviking, Caliadragon, & slmncpm for the reviews! Tenaya had her head poked in the door.“Tenaya,” he greeted her with a smile. “About dinner…”“It’s okay,” she said quickly and appeared fully with trays of food. “Perhaps Jinto could spend tomorrow with you in the culture center.”“Of course,” Tenaya agreed.Evan resigned himself to watching hockey games for the foreseeable future.“They were bored,” he explained to the civilian commander.

“I think Vi was saying something about volleyball later and one of the scientists is determined to get a game of soccer going.”Weir didn’t say anything, simply watched the game.

Mc Kay had followed, already talking about geometry and trajectories.