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In 1724 CE, Asaf Jah, viceroy of the empire's southern provinces, declared his independence as the Nizam of Hyderabad.The coastal districts of Hyderabad, known as the Northern Circars, were occupied by the French in 1750.In 1970, part of Guntur district was split off to become part of the Prakasam district.

The new state of Andhra Pradesh was created in 1953 from the eleven northern districts of Madras.Taranatha, a Buddhist monk writes: "On the full moon of the month Caitra in the year following his enlightenment, at the great stupa of Dhanyakataka, the Buddha emanated the mandala of "The Glorious Lunar Mansions" (Kalachakra).Buddhists established universities in ancient times at Dhanyakataka and Amaravathi.The district is bounded on the southeast by the Bay of Bengal, on the south by Prakasam District, on the west by Mahbubnagar District, and on the northwest by Nalgonda District.

Guntur Coast is located on the south east coast of India (also known as the Coromandel Coast) (quotes from NASA site).The earliest reference to Guntur, a variant of Guntur, comes from the Idern plates of Ammaraja I (922–929 CE), the Vengi Chalukyan King.