How to be more proactive in dating

27-Oct-2020 23:05

Or are you owning your nervousness and even enjoying it as an exciting feeling of being alive and having this beautiful woman in front of you get your heart pounding There’s a big difference between being meek, apologetic, and reactive to your nervousness versus being proactive with it. For many of my clients when they start to get ok with embarrassment, own it and enjoy it, they then can freely, proactively let women see their embarrassment. Because it’s so real, vulnerable, and honest and this believe it or not will create attraction.

According to a recent Elite Singles survey, just 6% of women would suggest a first date and just 2% would call back to arrange a second.

Or have you ever had your boss send you a cold sounding email? Did you start checking job openings and start setting up interviews? Reactive people respond from a place of anxiety and insecurity.

You are trying to get rid of the tension you’re feeling as quickly as possible.

“The longer you are single and the more heartbreak you have endured, the easier it is to get set in your ways and draw up an impossibly demanding wish list.” She says most successful couples are those that give their date a chance to begin with.

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“They need help filtering out those who are not genuine and want to avoid wasting time sifting through online dating profiles.” So according to Prescott, “[If you] have been out of the dating game for a while or…When most guys are interacting with women, they are in a reactive mode.They are judging their words carefully before they speak and they are skirting around what it is they really want from the situation and what’s really on their mind.You can either ignore the tension, release it, or welcome it.

Most men are not aware of how reactive their responses are and automatically go to either ignore or release.“Meeting the ‘right’ person and finding a compatible love interest can be complicated,” she said.

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