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To make them more sophisticated, these clothes were artistically embroidered with gold and silver thread, heads, silk, and decorated with pearls, corals, and carnelian insertions.

But the pains taken to do them are not in vain, for these clothes are fashioned to accentuate the beauty of these steppe inhabitants, give their natural appearance a special charm and make them more attractive and graceful.

A richer variety of it is the syrmaly, which is a quilted and sewn m a denser material. Another type is the shabu, which is trimmed with fur.

The zhargak shapan is meant for occasions and fittingly decorated with ornamental patterns.

This very soft and delicate wool gives the shekpen its attractive look.

Fur-coats for daily wear and household work were mainly sewn from sheep and goatskin.

Another type of winter outer-garment is the ishik - a fur coat sewn with special craftsmanship out f the fur of the wolf, fox, sable, astrakhan or the like.

The kupi is a light warm coat lined with camel or sheep wool.

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The most beautiful shekpen, the shide is woven out of a year-old camel's wool.It was sewn from expensive fabric d richly decorated with ornamental patterns.One part of the divided turn-up symbolized wealth, the other - power.Summer varieties of this cap were made from white felt.

The kalpak is elegant, convenient, and protective from the heat in summer and keeps out the cold during the winter.These ladies look very graceful in their long flimsy dress, which seem air-filled along the length, the sleeves and around the collar.