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20-Jul-2020 06:50

Starting with Libra, we know that their astrological symbol is the scales.

Compare this light and airy energy to Scorpio – a star sign so complex there are at least four animals representing it, one of which is mythical.Dates are likely to be a little secretive as a result, but no less romantic for it.These are two very loved up individuals more often than not, and waste no time getting to know one another once they both realise it’s safe to do so.Misunderstandings, unspoken feelings and internal yearnings likely define many a relationship like this.

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Yet overcoming all that needn’t be difficult, especially if you brush up on your knowledge of Libra and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits just below.

The namesake scorpion is the most famous of these though, defining how these people have a stinging wit and a crafty way of being at times.