Linq to sql view not updating

08-May-2020 21:41

Data Bind() but when I do that it doesn't refresh the drop down list, it adds a SECOND set of items to the list which is just odd...but that's another battle for another day I suppose.In a recent tip on Language INtegrated Query (LINQ), you have described how it can be used as a query language extension to both VB. It is also an OR/M (object-relational mapping) implementation that allows you to model a relational database using . You can then run queries in the database as well as perform insert, update and delete actions to it. Next, it gives you a object-relational designer where you can drag-and-drop database objects and it will create the corresponding. LINQ to SQL makes querying a SQL Server database as if it was an object and eliminate the need to write very complex SQL statements whenever necessary. This assembly contains the framework implementation for LINQ to SQL and makes it easy to refer to SQL Server database objects as how developers do in object-oriented programming.I have a drop down list that selects the Audit Name and then the detail view shows all the details of that audit.

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Let's create a console project by following the steps outlined in the Introduction to LINQ tip. To start adding database objects in the designer surface, click on the Server Explorer link.I worked out how to get LINQ to send the current datetime when I'm inserting new records (I just set the Auto Generated value = TRUE for the field in my dbml file and then in the database provide a default value for the table GETDATE() and that seems to work)However, that only works because LINQ just passed back NULL and the database server handles the rest. less than ideal, but secondly that doesn't do me any good for updates.