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11-Sep-2019 23:05

An innovation department of a medium-sized company without own research capacity needs to have ‘their finger on the pulse of times’, that is, to watch closely the specific fields of interest and to secure as early as possible the application of basic technologies by cooperating with external partners.

One approach is to use some established creativity methods, which very often ends up in many ideas, which then are stored and never are regarded again.

The forty principles, written by Genrikh Altshuller, are the framework for TRIZ. For example, “electronic chips mounted on both sides of a circuit board or subassembly” (TRIZ40 This would be conclusive with the Contradiction Matrix, and an indispensable TRIZ tool.

This is a sample list of the forty principles, including a brief explanation, and example. Segmentation – divide an object into independent parts. The simplicity of the matrix attracts new clients to TRIZ.

Even if these successes may not always be regarded as disruptive innovations, they show how quickly solutions without technical or physical contradictions can be achieved by combining internal and external sources.

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The basic premise of TRIZ is that the contradictions) in “each problem predicts the creative solutions to that problem” (Barry.2006). For example, “A cylinder is painted by dipping into paint but contains more paint than desired.The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving has three common factors: 1. A symmetry – change object shape from symmetrical to asymmetrical. TRIZ strategies that must be accepted for a company to use this program effectively. Scott Fogler and Steven Le Blanc comprised a book titled, “Strategies for Creative Problem Solving,” which reads like a “how to manual.” In the beginning of this paper, I emphasized that TRIZ had to be taught and completely understood before applying its principles; Scott and Le Blanc accomplish this and more.

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