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31-Dec-2019 02:18

“It’s funny,” she says, “because being single is your natural state but being in a relationship is an add-on to you, so it’s quite odd that the reverse is considered more unusual.” While dating apps enable us to bypass the serendipity of “true love” and instead to actively seek the perfect relationship, what keeps many of us engaged, once drawn in, is a phenomenon that breeds inefficiency in the search.

The psychologist Michael Zeiler found in 1971 that pigeons peck at a button nearly twice as much when it produces food pellets at an unpredictable frequency than when the rewards are foreseeable.

It is true that many very unhappy people are single: more than 41 per cent of UK adults who report the lowest levels of well-being.

, in which he describes love and marriage as “narrative traps”.

“If you’re using Tinder, the app wants you to be satisfied with using it,” Timmermans, one of the paper’s co-authors, told us, “but it doesn’t want you to be too satisfied that you’re not likely to be paying for it.

“Maybe we are falling for a matching service that is not really interested in matching us, because in a perfect world if we would all find our perfect match then they’re losing their clients.” A paper published last year in the Journal of Marketing Research examined this strange quirk of dating apps.

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Tinder, the paper argues, seems to deliberately limit further communication by preventing attractive profiles and liked profiles from running out too soon.Unlike a typical app whose effective performance increases customer loyalty and lengthens the customer’s time on the app, dating apps face a trade-off.