Never leave voicemail dating

12-Oct-2019 12:11

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that’s the art of phone game, of how to call women my friend. same thing goes for text messages: don’t text her back right away, but wait around 5 minutes with doing so for the exact same reasons as I mentioned above.The 5 Minute Rule has given me so many success that I have a hard time summarizing it here in a short sentence: women asking me if I was talking to another chick (which shows they want to keep me all to themselves), women almost literally stalking me by calling me 3 times in a row and so on…

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It’s the age old question: “Carlos, what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone and you get her voicemail” My answer: you don’t do anything if she doesn’t answer the phone in like 15 seconds or so.

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Your voicemail greeting will be played for both external calls originating from outside of your company and internal calls made by people calling from another extension within your company.

Or if you earn a living as a motivational speaker, end your message with a motivational quote.

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In both cases, be sure to keep your closing remark brief.

which isn’t a good way for her to start a date, wouldn’t you agree?