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11-Jan-2020 21:12

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You won’t dream up some fantasy future that you want to come true.

You won’t obsess over what the guy is or isn’t doing. You’ll have no deluded beliefs that being with him will somehow make you happier, make you more complete, or make your life any better than it is right now. there’s no drama, no unresolved issues, no victim story, etc. even when things don’t go as planned, even when something upsetting happens, even when everything falls apart… I’m not saying you become a robot devoid of emotions.

which brings me to the first major requirement of successfully seducing a guy: One of the most important pieces in the seduction puzzle is that you are having fun every step of the way and you don’t really care how things turn out.

This is a radical departure from the typical behavior of many women, which is to fixate on one particular guy, obsess over him, and dream up some fantasy future (and then bounce between optimistically hoping it will work out and fearfully worrying that your fantasy won’t come true).

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The bottom line is this: Most people (men and women) spend their lives believing they have a problem (or multiple problems), then spend all their time and attention mindlessly chasing after solutions to their mind-created problems.

They become completely self-absorbed and unable to be present to enjoy their moment-to-moment existence.

Every moment of their life becomes a “means to an end,” in pursuit of the next solution to a problem. In order to seduce, you must be OK, happy, and at peace with your life…

), but it’s important for you to be clear about why …

reason being, one of the biggest obstacles to a successful seduction is trying to seduce someone so you can feel better about yourself.

This applies only if you haven’t agreed to be in an exclusive relationship.

Once you get here your life changes and your sex energy seethes!… continue reading »

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However, before we just start rambling on about what we think the best are, let me tell you why we have the authority to compose such a list.… continue reading »

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When the two of you have broken the ice, started to relate to each other, had pleasant time together, and feel comfortable with each other's personalities, she can see your depression as one of many factors that she'll have to take into consideration in deciding to keep moving forward with the relationship.… continue reading »

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