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28-Jan-2020 16:46

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Threatening to commit suicide if you don’t do what he says is a classic abuse tactic. Try googling “domestic violence resources your hometown.” If you haven’t visited a doctor yet, Planned Parenthood is a good resource.They can tell you how far along you are, share some options (abortion, adoption, or raising the child), and they’ll be able to point you to more resources for DV.Best of luck to you — I hope you can find a resolution. I am married to a Jewish man and am doing a conversion.My husband doesn’t necessarily care that I am not Jewish but many men are different.Meet moms, say hi to Jewish guys, and learn about the religion and culture.

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The Jewish religion places a lot of emphasis on family, and especially on mothers.If you want to attract Jewish men, we have a few helpful suggestions. For more religious Jewish men, this one can be a big deal.The first one, not surprisingly, is to be Jewish yourself. This is because the Jewish faith is matrilineal, meaning that it is passed down on the mother's side.Whether it's on a dating site or in person, wait for the Jewish man to initiate contact.

It's another old school value, but it's one that can increase the odds of success. I am using what the father refers to me as.)Please try to be kind. I have read the sidebar thoroughly, and hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this. Yes, I know I will never be accepted by others in Judaism.

Then I moved to Edmonton in 2008, hoping they can match me with a proper candidate. No such luck, it was the same issue over and over again.… continue reading »

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