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Another paper, in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology Eugenie Scott ‘s own field on High mitochondrial mutation rates , shows that one mitochondrial DNA mutation occurs every other generation, which, as creationists point out , indicates that mt Eve would have lived about generations ago. As our List of Not So Old Things this web page reveals, by a kneejerk reaction evolutionary scientists assign ages of tens or hundreds of thousands of years or at least just long enough to contradict Moses’ chronology in Genesis.

People under the influence of pot can act very differently than without it, if you dont feel comfortable being around him, or he hurts you either physically or emotionally, and that you are even asking this question infers you have doubts.

Consider also the most popular explanation offered for the photo right , that a concretion formed around an s-era hammer as minerals precipitated out of the surrounding limestone.

However, with closer study, routinely, more and more old ages get revised downward to fit the world’s growing scientific knowledge.

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Consistent with this observation, the May issue of National Geographic quotes the U. Helens, Peter Frenzen, describing the canyon on the north side of the volcano. Helens, the volcanic mount, is only about 4, years old!

Secular scientists default to knee-jerk, older-than-Bible-age dates.